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This page contains all of the recordings I have been in or made. They are either hosted directly here or are linked to where they are hosted.

Came up with an idea for a “found journal” a week before I had to start working from home in March of 2020.

In the first episode of The Scam Chronicles I voice the main character as he listens to his virtual voicemail.

This is based on a post from Tumbler which I found on Imgur where the protagionist of a story is self-aware that they’re in a book and has fallen in love with the reader.

Came up with this skit one day after a big Star Wars binge. I voice one of the board members.

Another recording based on a post I found from Tumbler. Was good practice as a bit of a tongue twister.

This one is a dadjoke that I forget where I found. 

One day in a group voice chat I realized that I can do a pretty good Robbie Rotten impression (LazyTown) and decided to cover one of the best songs ever, We Are Number One.

The video starts off with a dub I did for NowVoiceThis 4 and leads in to the cover of We Are Number One which I synced up to the actual video.

I voice the tanks Chorizo and Kielbasa in this animated series based on Command & Conquer

I voice the sniper tank Highroller in another episode of Direct & Dominate

I reprise the role Chorizo in another episode of Direct & Dominate.

I voice the character Skyeye in this animated short from Direct & Dominate.

Sang a cover of ‘Bad Guy’ as the character Chorizo from Direct & Dominate.

Sang a bit of a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody as Kielbasa from Direct & Dominate.

Did a dub of the intro from ReBOOT as Bob The Guardian.

Did a dub of the intro from the latter seasons of ReBOOT as Matrix.